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Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness
Tailored for Busy Lives

Empower Your Wellbeing with Paul Cathie

  • 20+ years in high-pressure film & TV industry

  • Certified Wellness Coach with a passion for fitness & nutrition

  • Specializing in helping professionals balance wellness with busy schedules

About Paul

Custom routines fitting your schedule and goals

Personalized Training Plans

Balanced eating strategies without giving up your favorites

Nutrition Coaching

Simple practices for stress reduction and mental clarity

Mindfulness Techniques

Maximize your rest for maximum productivity

Sleep & Recovery Routines


  • Fitness isn't one-size-fits-all; it's personalized for your lifestyle

  • Nutrition is your fuel for high performance

  • Mindfulness is the key to resilience and happiness

Paul's Philosophy


Start Your Wellness Journey Today!

Email for a free consultation.

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